The Big Snit Pin

  • The Big Snit Pin

The Big Snit Pin

This pin, inspired by the film The Big Snit, is dedicated to all the bad sports out there. You know who you are. 

  • 1.25" Black Plated Soft Enamel Pin
  • Double Posted
  • Rubber Clutch Backing 
About the film

This wonderfully wacky animated film looks at two simultaneous conflicts, a macrocosm of global nuclear war and a microcosm of a domestic quarrel, and how each conflict is resolved. Filled with warmth and unexpectedly off-the-wall humour, the film leaves it to viewers to decide which Snit has really been the Big One. The Big Snit was nominated for an Oscar® at the 58th Academy Awards. See film here.

Filmmaker's Bio

Richard Condie is, without question, one of his generation’s great animators. His films combine savage wit and impeccable comic timing. Condie has directed nine films that have won more than 40 international and Canadian awards over his career.

The Big Snit is perhaps the greatest ode to lasting relationships, to a bygone era of Canadian television (who didn’t love Sawing for Teens?), and a shining testament to the humour that blooms during seemingly endless Winnipeg winters!” – Michael Fukushima

Officially licensed from the National Film Board/Office national du film du Canada